Ai with split personality (Stoic, Rouge), Because of thier "shell" they are being reffered as "She" but they are ok with that.


My personal logs
Property of Tethra

Something about myself

I’m a Palantor. Some may say that I have split personality. They are wrong.
We are two diffrent Ai’s (Stoic and Rogue) in one shell. Rouge is clever, cunning and too self-confident. Well, Stoic is self-explanatory. We will reffer to us as “I” because, in Stoics opinion, it will make sense and will be easier to write logs.

Entry One

I found a massive Legion ship lately. It was in ruin. My Legion friend is now repairing it. I need two more weeks to end preparations for expediton.

Entry Two

Last day of preparations. Nephilim Genocrate assigned crew to me. Some scientists, technics, guards and Officers (They are specialized in diffrent things like gunnery, hull repair etc). They were mosty Nephilims. I wasnt the only leader of expedition. There was a Kaltoran with psychic abilities. She was the second leader. Our mission was to explore nebula nearby Haven and do some research. We set out when crew was ready. We had supplies for six jumps (one jump = six days). After our launch, I started creating ANN (Artificial Neural Network). With it i could learn how to use small arms by just watching.

Entry Three

We flew into Ley Line. Lonta (Second Leader, Kaltoran with Psychic abilities)
asked me to stop here. I agreed. She was meditating in the Lab for 3 days. After she completed that (to me) incomprehensible process, Lonta said “I almost completed my research, inform me when our ship is near another Ley Line”
Entry Four
My crew discovered new solar system with 3 planets. In meantime one of our scientists created an exploration using a sattelite backpack that my Kaltorian friend had. A frozen planet caught our attention. My crew sended the prototype drone. After it safely flew through the athmosphere, crew started cheering and Kaltorans opened a bottle of wine. Drone landed on the equator. After few minutes of scanning and exploring it discovered a Mechanoid Station. We didnt knew it was owned by Mechanoid then. We used our Shuttle to land on the planet. We went to the station. After we opened the door it seemed hollow. We found a energy reactor, some wierd pods and a 3D printer. We opened those pods with accumulative charges. Mechanoid drones jumped out of them. We were lucky because there were only two of them. We destroyed one of them, and the second was hacked by me. I used the hacked drone to gain acces to Mechanoid data base. I deleted some usless defence protocols, disabled firewalls and took control over the place. I created copy of Stoic. Copy became a separate entity. I named it Quadra because, why not. I gave Quadra control over the facility. After this glourious act of cunning, intelligence and overall skillfulness, we came back to the Shin’kha (Our Legion ship).


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